Online Redactie

An Online Software Solution by Tansarc.

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Welcome to the Online Redactie

The Online Redactie is an online workflow management system that guides all texts, images and designed materials during production process of a magazine.

A customer specific workflow is created using a set of rules which describe the entire editorial process. Users can upload and download material depending on their specific responsibility within the production process.

The Online Redactie always offers the most up-to-date overview of the magazines production progress. Potential problems are spotted well in advance, allowing for quick intervention and thus making sure that important deadlines are met.

Because the Online Redactie is a web-based system, one only needs a computer with an internet connection to gain access to it. This is one of the aspects which makes the Online Redactie very suitable for magazines which don't have all editors working in the same building.

Are you interested in the Online Redactie or would you like to see a demonstration? Please contact us by using the contact form on this website.

The Online Redactie is a workflow management system that guides the production process of a magazine.